First Time Login

Security is paramount to us and we believe in going the extra mile to keep our systems airtight against all vulnerabilities. We hope you share the same spirit and don't mind following these extra steps when logging in for the first time using your SimCenter account to a workstation.

SimCenter users can access their account using any of the SimCenter workstations or via Secure Shell (SSH) on any of our clusters. Please make a note of our password policy, this will be important when setting new passwords.

Instructions for connecting to VPN can be found here.

Password Policy

Passwords are required to be at least 14 characters long. All types of characters are accepted.

We recommend using a phrase for your password, such as: ThisIsMoreThanFourteenCharacters. (For demonstration purposes only, please don't use it as your password)

Note: Resetting your password after the first-time login is no longer required. Please check this link to change your password.

Login through SSH

Check out our VPN Instructions if you are trying to connect from outside campus

  1. Connect to any one of our clusters (,, or via ssh:
     ssh <your_simcenter_username> 
    Note: Your SimCenter username is NOT the same as your UTC ID
  2. Enter your password
  3. If entered correctly, you should now be connected. Please check this link to change your password.