Matlab Setup with Parallel Server

We have an instance of Matlab Parallel server running on the firefly cluster.

  1. The recommended way to run Matlab is by “Running MATLAB from firefly”.
  2. If you run this on your workstation (with parallel) the nodes will try to initiate a connection to your workstation that won't work because of network restrictions.
  3. These directions are only for Linux versions of MATLAB.
  4. The “Parallel Computing Toolbox plugin for MATLAB Parallel Server with Slurm” addon is required.

Running MATLAB from firefly

While running from firefly, all features work correctly.

$ ssh -X <your_username>
$ /opt/ohpc/pub/MATLAB/R2020b/bin/matlab

Importing the profile (for both running locally and from firefly)

1. The profile you need to import is located here:


2. Click “Create and Manage Clusters…” applications:matlab1.png

3. Click “Import”, choose /scr/public/SlurmProfile1.mlsettings.

applications:matlab2.png applications:matlab3.png

4. Once that is done you may close the Cluster Profile Manager.

If running locally from your workstation, the 'parpool' feature won't work correctly because the node tries to initialize a connection that can't be routed (back to workstation from private network).